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Views of Nine Famous Women


Nine Famous women including Dame Helen Mirren and Emma Thompson give a brief account of their views on religion.
Julianne Moore said she let go of religion after the death of her mother.
“I learned when my mother died five years ago that there is no ‘there’ there,” she said.
“Structure, it’s all imposed. We impose order and narrative on everything in order to understand it. Otherwise, there’s nothing but chaos.”

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YouGov Poll on Religious Belief

As Cameron says UK “still a Christian country”, 62% tell YouGov they are “not religious”

Polling conducted in the run-up to Easter has found that almost two-thirds of Britons describe themselves as “not religious.”

In his Easter message, Prime Minister David Cameron claimed the UK was “still a Christian country,” but YouGov found overwhelming lack of religion in the UK in its latest poll on religion and belief.

62% said they were not religious, compared to just 36% who said they were, while 68% said that religion was “not important” to their own life. Despite over a third of Britons claiming they were religious, only 29% said that religion was “important” to them.

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