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Non-Religious Weddings,  Non-Religious Funerals

Also Non-Religious Namings, Gay Affirmations

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In 1992 CORNWALL HUMANISTS, recognising the need for atheists & agnostics to be cremated or buried with a ceremony compatible with their beliefs, trained and appointed celebrants to conduct dignified, non-religious ceremonies, ‘tailor made’ to the requirements of the deceased and their family. We see it as celebrating a life. Since then we have grown and developed into a well-known and well respected part of Cornwall’s funeral industry.

We have also broadened our reach into conducting weddings, namings and gay affirmations. We’ve even conducted a ‘mayoral inauguration’.

We are happy to advise and/or assist those wishing to conduct a ceremony themselves.

We are available for ‘talks’ to groups and organizations.

Our celebrants are:

P. John Langford

phone 01872 863825 – mob 07811347211  email:  johnoftruro@gmail.com     – website
available for funerals, weddings/partnerships, namings, affirmations, inaugurations and talks to groups
working area = anywhere in Cornwall (and beyond by arrangement)
John Langford

John Langford

I conducted my first funeral on behalf of Cornwall Humanists in 1992 and It’s now become a major part of my life. The privilege of being able to help people through a traumatic stage in their lives gives me great satisfaction. I cover the whole of Cornwall and have ventured into Devon and Dorset.

It’s a short, sideways step into wedding and baby naming ceremonies. My first wedding was in 1997, as was my first gay affirmation. My first naming in 1998. We are lucky in Cornwall. Many couples choose to have ceremonies here as we have some beautiful, even spectacular sites for such occasions. I have conducted ceremonies in hotels, beaches, woods, Carn Brea Monument, in the ruins of Restormal Castle, a farm, a front garden, a back garden, even in a cave. Also in a number of Youth Hostels, some you can rent for a week-end. Each and every one is unique.


Sally Smith

phone 01209 215411      Mob 07932186724

Email: SS   or    BSS
available for weddings/partnerships, namings & affirmations


Sally Smith

Sally Smith

Brought up in a Humanist family in Cornwall, I left to become a teacher and lived in South Yorkshire for 40 years. When I retired, I came back home with my husband to live in Redruth in January 2008.

I trained to become a Celebrant in 2009 and conducted my first Wedding Ceremony that Summer on the beach at Trebah Gardens and found it to be a very special experience.

I have since conducted many very special weddings and delightful baby namings, ceremonies which have varied from being small and intimate in someone’s garden to events in the woods or on the cliffs, on the beach or in a marquee.

I look forward to meeting more people to help them plan and design their own special and unique ceremonies.


Carrie Langford

Email: CL
Phone: 01872 863825          Mobile: 07790929894
available for funerals, weddings, affirmations, baby namings.
Carrie Langhford

Carrie Langford

I was employed for 25 years by a medical / bereavement charity. As well as working with bereaved families my role throughout the South West region was training health & other professionals. This has given me vast experience in public speaking.
Now retired I have been trained & accredited by Cornwall Humanists to be a celebrant & have started taking ceremonies. I find it very fulfilling to help devise a non religious, personal celebration for families whether it be for a loved ones life, or to mark the start of a couples life together.



For further information contact one of our celebrants or contact our secretary Carrie Langford by email: CL

There are also a number of Celebrants in Cornwall trained & accredited by the British Humanist Association & details of these can be found at www.humanistceremonies.org.uk


There is only one thing certain in this life, and that is that it will come to an end for all of us, so let’s face up to it and give it some thought.

When the time comes it will be others who have to make all the arrangements for your funeral and it would be a great help to them if you would let them know what you would like without being too prescriptive.

Many people say “I don’t want any fuss, just take me to the crem in a bin liner.” As that is not legal it is of no help to those left behind and their need to go through the grieving process. A funeral ceremony should be a positive celebration of a life and a comforting experience for the mourners.

It is with this in mind that Cornwall Humanist put together these pages for you to print and fill in sections as you wish. You may print as many as you like to give to your next-of-kin/executors/solicitor/bank/family/friends, and it is important that they know where to find your up-to-date master copy.

You choose what you would like – burial, cremation, where, green*, cardboard, wicker or standard coffin, flowers, or donations in lieu of, to the charity of your choice, what music you would like, what you would like done with your ashes.

click here to view the “My Funeral Arrangements” form. You can complete as many or as few fields as you wish. You may choose to put in some of your own. (this is untested – your comments would be most welcome – by email to: CL

Have you ever thought of organ donation. You can register at the organ donation register and don’t forget to tell your family.

*Green sites
Rose Farm, Chyanhal, Buryas Bridge, in West Penwith.
Pentiddy Natural Burials, Pentiddy Woods, Pensilva, Liskeard. There is also another at Pont’s Mill, Par, near St. Austell,
and part of the cemetery at Killivose, Camborne has been put aside for “ecological burials”.
Penmount’s Green Burial Ground    The natural graves are located at Penmount Crematorium in the existing
Wildflower Meadow situated beyond the overflow car park.