Eric Barnes

A new look at life by Eric Barnes

After bypass surgery and extra emergency surgery, I had good reason to consider the

event of death in some detail. As a technical analyst my thinking proceeded as follows.

The vascular system fails to supply the fuel , oxygen, to the brain. So thinking stops.

After some minutes, the brain cannot restart without resuscitation. Without this

resuscitation, deterioration sets in and will continue to include the whole body until

death is established.

When interred, chemistry of the whole body is absorbed into the soil. When cremated,

its gasses are absorbed into the atmosphere and the ashes are scattered onto the soil. In

the case of promesion the cadaver is frozen, crumbled and scattered on to the soil.

When buried at sea, what is not eaten by fish and crustatia is absorbed into the water

and what is residue settles to the bottom.

The atmosphere, the hydrosphere and the terrosphere can be considered to be seen as

an organosphere. That part of planet earths surface where all life, both flora and fauna


So what is life? The dictionary tells us that life is change!   When did it begin?

Archaeological science puts it three to four billion years ago. We do have a religious

estimate which puts it, between five and ten thousand years ago. However those

religious leaders did not have the knowledge of astral reality that we have today.

/They knew that the earth was flat and that the sun circled the earth/ So why oh why

are we under the influence their ideas today? Would you be happy if they were at the

controls of your aircraft?

Community memory or public opinion is a strong influence in politics today and is a

legacy of those who have gone before.

At the dawn of homo sapiens, it is not unlikely that some were more equal than others,

and that those who were more equal, took advantage by creating the notion that they

were agents of the creator. How better to control than through the fear and enticement

of the idea of hell and heaven?

We can see today when these notions are charismatically and firmly sold, we have

suicide bombers now used for political and terrorist purposes

Let us examine what life really is.   The dictionary tells us that life is change. At

death we become the soil nutrients, which is taken up by a thousand other species of

both flora and fauna. All these in turn die, return to the soil, to become new life. None

of the chemistry of a new borne baby exists in the ten year old. Our body chemistry is

renewed on a regular basis, at less than a decade. Memory is the only function that

remains linked throughout life. The rest is recycled chemistry and a single cadaver

may be absorbed by a thousand other species, and may come from a thousand other

species. We are then, in the organosphere, closer to each other than our own family

members. A human life exists only in memory between birth and death.


Look into the night sky and consider the extent of our universe. Our nearest star is

over one hundred and fifty years flying time by concord at two thousand miles per hour.

Other stars are many millions of light years more distant.


I have but a few more years left and the foregoing notions give me great contentment

to realise our place in the great continuum of life


Eric Barnes. Jan 2008