Meetings 2019

Monthly Meetings 2019
(In the Fal Building of Truro College)

Also see our informal meetings,  held on 2nd Sunday of the month 11am to 12.30 pm at the Arts Cafe, River Street, Truro (next to the museum) Informal meeting over coffee, to discuss Humanism & related topics. Stay on for lunch if you wish. All welcome.

If you wish, you can arrive at 6.30pm for our meetings at the Fal Building for an informal chat to other members of the group.

Tuesday  19th February at 7pm  – Meeting for members only, for structured discussion.

Tuesday  19th March at 7pm – Pru Eliot, from The Humane League, will speak about animal welfare issues. Open meeting.

Tuesday 16th April at 7pm – Carrie Langford will introduce a discussion about Conscientious Objection.  Open meeting.

Tuesday 21st May at 7pm The story of a UNA branch
Toni Olsson from the Cornwall United Nations Association will speak to CH on May 21st. Her talk is entitled “The Story of a UNA branch” & will cover the history of the United Nations Associations & the Cornwall branch & their aims & activities. She welcomes questions & discussion. Open meeting.

Tuesday 18th June at 7pm  – Meeting for members only, for structured discussion.

Tuesday 16th July at 7pm  Open meeting –  A talk by John Langford.  “The origins of Gods & Goddesses –  Where does the concept  come from?”

August – No Meeting

Tuesday 17th September at 7pm  The meeting with Loveday Jenkin about Cornish culture will now be given by Mark Trevethan, on a similar theme.

Tuesday 15th October 7pm –  Meeting for members only, for structured discussion and preparation for our AGM.

Tuesday 19th November 2019 at 7pm   Cornwall Humanists’ Annual General Meeting, members only.

December 2019 – no meeting


Past meetings

19 JANUARY 2016

Science and Religion

Lucy Whitelegg, an A Level Anthropology student, gave the group an overview of her field study into the relationship between science & religion.
followed by questions & discussion.

16 FEBRUARY 2016 Open Meeting

15 MARCH 2016 Cornish Songs – Shout Kernow Celebrating Cornwall’s pub songs

Hilary Coleman, a bard of the Cornish Gorseth for her services to Cornish music, and Cornish culture-lover, Sally Burley, have researched Cornish pub singing and written a book called ‘Shout Kernow’. They talked to us about their research, about the Cornish songs and their history. They illustrated their talk with  several songs, accompanied by about 23 Red River Singers.

19 APRIL 2016 Humanism in Schools

David Firth, CH member and Humanist representative on SACRE (Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education) led a discussion on the current approaches to religious education and how CH might support parents with concerns.

17 MAY 2016 Open Meeting

(Roger Letch’s discussion on the historical acceptance of radical ideas, has been moved to the August Meeting)

21 JUNE 2016 How ordinary people lived in Cornwall 250 years ago

Don Baird, CH Member will focus on the living conditions in Cornwall in the past with an emphasis on work in agriculture and their entertainments.

19 JULY 2016 Refugees Crisis and Compassion

A discussion will follow the showing of a video interview of Cornish teenager, Ruby Brookman Prins, who has spent time working with refugees on Lesbos.

16 AUGUST 2016 When will Jihadists be welcomed by a British Monarch?

Roger Letch, CH Member will lead a discussion on the historical acceptance of radical ideas.

20 SEPTEMBER 2016 Exploring the values and Ethics of Humanism

Maxwell Adams a long term CH Member with a specific interest in the philosophy of Humanism will lead this discussion.

18 OCTOBER 2016 Open Meeting – A chance for you to contribute a topic for discussion
(Don Jenkin will now lead a discussion on the philosophical issues around using nuclear weapons on January 17th 2017)

Pedyr Prior, our chairman, will collect written suggestions in his elegant hat, suggestions will then be chosen at random for discussion.
Members are invited to bring donations for the food bank in this Harvest Festival season.

15 NOVEMBER 2016 Annual General Meeting      Reports and Election of Officers 

Do come along and support your group, or join us!



17 January 2017  Pressing the Nuclear Button – A Problem for Philosophy?

Don Jenkin, former principal lecturer in Philosophy and Social Sciences at John Moores University will give a talk and lead a discussion.

February 21st   7.30pm  Matt Vernon talking about Wild food foraging

March 21st        7.30pm  Postponed to April due to bereavement

April 18th          7.30pm  A talk about Shelterbox by Tigger Pritchard

May 16th          7.30pm  A talk by Jonathan Creber of Truro Street Preachers

June 20th         7.30pm    A talk by Cornwall Humanist’s member Donard Baird  Plymouth and Cornwall in the early 1940s.

July 18th           7.30pm    A talk by Mohammad Abusara talking about Palestine. 

August 15th     7.30pm     A talk by Faith Stafford from Ubunto Counselling, who provide counselling services in the U.K., for people  whose first language is not English. 

September 19th 2017    7.30pm   An open meeting to discuss ideas for the future direction of our group.

October 17th 2017   7.30pm  A talk by Mark Preedy about his recorded discussion with Andy Bannister at the Creation Fest on Wednesday 9th August at Wadebridge.

November 21st 2017    7.30pm  Annual General Meeting

Meeting in 2018

16th January 2018   7pm for 7.30pm Discussion

20th February 2018   7pm for 7.30pm  Speaker from a food bank.   (TBC)

20th March 2018   7pm for 7.30pm  Discussion

17th April 2018   7pm for 7.30pm Kehilla Kernow  (Jews in Cornwall)

15th May 2018   7pm for 7.30pm  This meeting will be an opportunity for members to plan for the future of Cornwall Humanists.

 19th June 2018    7pm for 7.30pm  Member Don Baird will give a talk on the changes in population in Devon

17th July 2018      7pm for 7.30pm  A talk by Nourallah Chakroun, Noura will be speaking on  her group the Inspiring Women’s Network

21st August 2018      7pm for 7.30pm   David Firth will speak on “Recent Ideologies & Education” looking at recent changes in education that impact on religious and other aspects of education.  David represents Cornwall Humanists on Cornwall’s Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education.

18th September 2018      7pm for 7.30pm  A talk by Richy Thompson, Head of Public Affairs and Policy from Humanists UK

16th October 2018      7pm   A talk by Olga Lucia Gomez Forero about building peace in Colombia

20th November 2018  7pm   Cornwall Humanists’ Annual General Meeting.

December 2018 – no meeting